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TAX Return RELIEF! Most products now have FREE SHIPPING (USA Only). Elrog 300B tubes are receiving incredible insane praise from customers. We had the World Premier of a new Audion 300B amp at the California Audio Show in San Francisco, to outright rave reviews. Our room was packed during the entire show. Even other exhibitors came into our room to find out what all the attention was about. Thanks to all attendees! Customers who heard it have been stunned. Many 300B snobs declared it the best SET they ever heard.


Only a one Bel Canto left! : Dac 3.5 Special Edition ($600 OFF), Clearance Special. Year end inventory cleaning discovered a new set of XLO Ref3 Speaker cables. Don't miss out! 40% Off. We'll have more sales coming. Check back.     

New Products

Elrog 300B Vacuum TubesSpatial Audio Open Baffle holographic speakers. Thales Precison Swiss cables. Pioneer starter bundles with Andrew Jones speakers. BMC Amazing German Solid State. Primare Swedish design audio. Minuet by Silverline mind-blowing monitor speakerSmartractor - best TT protractor. Transrotor turntables

New Reviews

Primare CD32 RAVE review from Stereophile June 2014. BMC PureDac Review. HB Powerstar conditioner - another rave Review. Stage III Kraken AC Power Cord "Just one Kraken will be enough to alter your sound in startling ways" ReadTNT Human Audio Tabla DDC and Muto DAC says "... the first time that I truly wished that I could afford to buy a review item!" Read 

The world's first Single Ended Class A KT120!

The absolute rave hit of the Newport Show. Engineers said it couldn't be done but after a year of R&D we did it. Pure Class-A 25 watts enough to drive speakers 86dB and above. Details.

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We've been a trusted audio source for many years with spotless customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Over 600 happy customers here and worldwide have praised our sales and service. We love what we do and our integrity is shown by being the exclusive net dealer for several highly regarded product lines.


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